What is the Gut Microbiota Analysis service?

Our bodies (skin, oral cavity, digestive system and various other parts of the body) are home to a vast number of indigenous bacteria, but especially in the colon, a wide variety of micro-organisms known as gut microbes form a complex ecosystem, and this complex microbial community is collectively known as the gut microbiota. Many gut microbes are averse to oxygen, making them difficult to culture, and until now the identification and functional properties of gut microbial species have not been well understood. However, recent years have seen the introduction of metagenomic(1) methods for the analysis of the gut microbiota, allowing their comprehensive analysis at the genomic level, without the need to culture gut microbial species. This has led to the accumulation of a great deal of knowledge on human gut microbiota, and it has become clear that gut microbiota affects not only diseases related to the colon, but also various other diseases such as obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, and cardiac diseases and cancer.
NOSTER has amplified the 16S rRNA genes of bacteria by PCR and analyzed it with a next-generation sequencer, enabling the comprehensive evaluation of the type and distribution of bacteria in a sample.
Furthermore, by combining NOSTER’s advanced culture technology with real-time PCR analysis, quantitative analysis of various gut bacteria, which was previously difficult to assess, is now possible.

1) Metagenomics: ‘Meta’ is a compound of ‘meta-‘ meaning ‘transcendence’ and ‘genome’, is an analytical method to purify and directly sequence the genome of a microbials without culturing, decipher them comprehensively and clarify their structure.

Service description

Samples types Feces of humans and animals (mice, rats, etc.)
*We have processed a wide variety of sample types. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us for details.
Work description Genomic DNA extraction/generation + PCR extraction + PCR product quantification + sequence analysis + data analysis.
Deliverables Primary analysis (homology analysis), raw data (FASTQ files), work report.
*Secondary date analysis (diversity analysis, statistical analysis, etc.) is optional.
Delivery time From 24 working days after receipt of specimens

Analysis overview

Primary analysis example: Composition Barplots

Analysis options Secondary data analysis

Up to species level analysis, diversity, statistical analysis, etc. using the EzBioCloud 16S database.

Report examples/analysis down to species level
Report example/diversity analysis

Quantitative options Quantitative analysis

The use of independently established culture techniques for anaerobic bacteria (Akkermansia, Bacteroides, Blautia, Clostridium etc.) allows for individual quantitative analysis of the number of bacteria per faecal weight. This quantification option complements the changes found in the meta-16S analysis with a high level of quantitative information.

Quantitative analysis of specific microorganisms in specimens by real-time PCR analysis using Noster-owned primers.

Difficult-to-culture gut microbial species
Real-time PCR


Correlation analysis with metabolome analysis results is also available.

Diagram of analysis

Serevice flow

We will consult our customers about the details of the analysis method according to their research goals.
Please feel free to contact us.


Establish the information necessary for measurement (research goals, type of sample, quantity, etc.)

2. Send Sample to NOSTER

Transport by courier (refrigerated/frozen). Please ensure that the samples arrives on a working days (Monday to Friday). (Please contact the person in charge when shipping samples).

3. Storage

We will store the collected samples under appropriate conditions. (Refrigerator, freezer or ultra-low temperature freezer).

4. Pre-treatment

Our staff, who are experienced in gut microbiota analysis, carry out the optimum pre-treatment for each sample.

5. Measurement

We analyze the samples with our state of the art instruments under optimized conditions and methodology.

6. Analysis/Report

Depending on the request, homology analysis, bar charts and results of optional items are reported.

Precautions regarding analysis

  1. The results of the analysis can be used for research purposes only. They cannot be used for other purposes such as diagnosis.
  2. Please anonymize all personal information at the initial analysis request stage.
  3. We do not accept samples that may be infected, such as samples contaminated with pathogenic viruses.
  4. The analysis data will be stored for a year after the analysis is completed. It will be deleted after the storage period ends.



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