Connecting life
& gut microbiome.

By “connecting life and gut microbiome” we will continue to contribute to the improvement of human health and advancement of science. To achieve this vision, the diverse and talented scientists at Noster are working as one team based on mutual trust and respect.
Our team is dedicated to advancing scientific research and development on the gut microbiome to find treatments for patients suffering from diseases. We will continue to meet the challenges for the realization of gut microbiome-based drug discovery with passion and confidence that “great things can be achieved by scientific research”.



Metabolome analysis service

Metabolism refers to chemical reactions that occur in the body that are indispensable for maintaining life. And, the ter…

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Gut Microbiota Analysis service

Our bodies (skin, oral cavity, digestive system and various other parts of the body) are home to a vast number [……

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HYA (10-hydroxy-cis-12-octadecenoic acid): Gut microbial lipid metabolite

Currently, diabetes is treated with drugs that control blood sugar levels, but it not these drugs that treats diabetes i…

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Gut microbes

More than 1,000 species including over 100 trillion gut microbes coexist and form varieties of microorganism-ecosystems …

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