Indigestible dietary fiber


Leucosaccharide is an exopolysaccharide derived from the Leuconostoc mesenteroides NTM048 strain, which is selected from our microbial library, and is the special indigestible dietary fiber that is made from sucrose.
So far, it has been confirmed that exopolysaccharide promotes the secretion of IgA antibodies, which enhance the immunity of intestinal mucosa, and reduce symptoms of the chronic skin disease known as “psoriasis”. In addition, dietary fiber has been reported to prevent illnesses, such as obesity, because when it is assimilated by certain gut microbes, it has the function of increasing the amount of short-chain fatty acids in the intestine compared to others and thereby to inhibit the accumulation of body fat.
Currently, NOSTER is moving forward with utilization of exopolysaccharide for immunostimulants, anti-inflammatory agents, and improving drugs with metabolic functions with high expectations for new functional materials produced by gut microbial.



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