Gut microbial metabolites

Gut microbes inside the host can synthesize important nutrients (metabolites) such as vitamins that the host cannot synthesize from food-derived components, and produce short-chain fatty acids such as acetic acid, propionic acid, and butyric acid to improve the gut microbiome. intestinal environment. Conversely, the host provides an optimal environment, in the form of its intestinal tract, thereby, the host and gut microbes build a symbiotic relationship. These metabolites are called “postbiotics” and play an important role in host homeostasis. NOSTER is focusing on the study of metabolites of lipids and carbohydrates.
Regarding lipids, human metabolic pathways are well-known due to extensive research on this topic. For example, prostaglandin is synthesized from linoleic acid and physiologically active substances including EPA ,DHA, or the like, are produced fromα-linolenic acid. However, there has been very limited research on the metabolism of gut microbes. NOSTER revealed that gut microbes produce unique metabolites of fatty acids from food-derived lipids, which have a variety of biological activities and different pathways, in a joint research project with Jun Ogawa professor and Shigenobu Kishino associated professor at Kyoto University. We are currently constructing an original lipid metabolite library by utilizing the lipid metabolism of gut microbes, with the goal of establishing a new therapeutic base.
Regarding carbohydrates (sugars), polysaccharides produced by gut microbes have been found to have activities such as improving metabolism and acting on the intestinal immune system. NOSTER is pursuing research on the purification and clarification of the functionality of extracellular polysaccharides, which are indigestible dietary fibers produced by gut microbes.



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