We, NOSTER, have been supplying seven strains as food grade materials, including four species of lactic acid bacteria, butyric acid bacteria, Bacillus natto and Bifidobacterium. The production process of bacteria preparation complies with GMP. Therefore, we can provide high quality bacteria preparation.


Content 10 kg (18-liter square can)
Number of bacteria 10 Billion CFU/g (live, heat killed)
Shelf life 12 months from the date of manufacture (live, heat killed)
Storage method Live bacteria: keep refrigerated (under 5℃)
Heat killed bacteria: at room temperature


Leuconostoc mesenteroides NTM048 (Isolated from green pea)

Leuconostoc mesenteroides NTM048
(Isolated from green pea)

  • Produces a large quantity of Leucosaccharides
  • Promotes IgA secretion in mouse experiment
  • Improves the symptoms of autoimmune disease(psoriasis vulgaris) in mouse experiment
  • Inhibits obesity in mouse experiment
Enterococcus faecalis NT(Isolated from infant)

Enterococcus faecalis NT (Isolated from infant)

  • Has spherical shape and small size
  • Enables you to intake it in large amounts at once
  • Grows rapidly
  • Suppresses the proliferation of harmful bacteria
Lactobacillus brevis NTT001(Isolated from Suguki pickles (a kind of turnip))

Lactobacillus brevis NTT001
(Isolated from Suguki pickles (a kind of turnip))

  • Enhances the immune system by activating Natural killer cells in clinical study
Lactobacillus brevis NTM003(Isolated from Nanohana pickles(a kind of canola flower))

Lactobacillus brevis NTM003
(Isolated from Nanohana pickles
(a kind of canola flower))

  • Inhibits purine body absorption in rat experiment
  • Suppresses fat accumulation at liver in mouse experiment
Clostridium butyricum NT (Isolated from adult human)

Clostridium butyricum NT
(Isolated from adult human)

  • Produces butyric acid, which raises the regulatory T cells suppressing excess immune system and inflammatory
Bacillus natto NT (Isolated from Natto (Fermented food))

Bacillus natto NT
(Isolated from Natto (Fermented food))

  • Forms a spore which resists heat and acid
  • Reaches probably intestine alive
  • Has antibiotic activity on Helicobacter pylori and Escherichia coli O-157
Bifidobacterium longum NT(Isolated from infant)

Bifidobacterium longum NT
(Isolated from infant)

  • Is one of the most common beneficial bacteria living in intestine
  • Produces lactic acid and acetic acid, which suppress the activity of harmful bacteria in intestine



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