Noster was incorporated on May 15, 2020, in Kyoto, Japan, specializing in research and development of gut microbiome-based drug discovery with the vision of “connecting life and gut microbiome”.
Our mission is to elucidate the functions of over 1,000 species, and 100 trillion human gut microorganisms that exist symbiotically with humans as well as contributing to scientific advances in microbiotics for the benefit of the health of people all over the world.
Recent advances in research on the gut microbiome show that certain diseases such as cancer, and immune and digestive diseases are related to gut microbiome. So, we expect the development of new biotherapy treatments based on controlling gut microbiota.
Based on our decision to “lead the company’s future through research and development on the gut microbiome”, we have built a unique library of gut microbes and their metabolites that we refer to as “postbiotics”. We are using this library to develop innovative therapeutic treatments targeting the gut microbiome.
Noster scientists are working passionately to realize breakthroughs in drug discovery by elucidating the functions of gut microbiome.

Noster Inc.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kohey Kitao



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